When Less is Truly More

Umbrian summer fruit

 So often I read elaborate recipes for using the bounties of Umbria’s summer fruit and vegetables.

Umbrian peaches

 It baffles me to think that any recipe could be better than the simple pleasure of sun-ripened, daily-picked, sun- ripened fruit

Umbrian summer plums

 at its succulent, juiciest best!

Umbrian apricots

 It so often seems to me that elaborate concoctions adulterate the perfect, delicious fruit rather than enhance it.  Have we moved so far from the enjoyment of simple real food?  Summer is the time to keep to the basics…when less is truly more!  

Umbrian summer cherry tomatoes

 this morning’s pick for a cherry tomato pappa al pomodoro with yesterday’s stale/crusty bread – heavenly sweet!

Umbrian summer vegetables

steamed freshly-picked string beans with garlic, cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil   –   thinly sliced just-picked zucchini grilled quickly only two minutes on one side, dressed with the purest organic extra virgin olive oil and herbs  picked from the garden

Umbrian figs and prosciutto

freshly picked, un-peeled  figs with freshly-sliced prosciutto

Umbrian summer roses

a simple vase with a rose or two from the garden.  Nothing elaborate…simply perfect!



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