Dale Levy – The Lady from Venice

It is with pleasure today that I feature another interesting artist, Dale Levy, better known as The Lady from Venice – an artist in the magical world of jewelry making.

unnamed-3                                                                                                Dale Levy  –  The Lady from Venice

7 PM bead

Let her introduce herself:

“I am Dale Levy, known as the Lady From Venice. I have lived and worked in Venice, Italy for over 30 years. My designs reflect my joy of color texture and glass. The jewelry I create focuses on the exquisite glass beads produced in Murano (the island suburb of Venice).

I use and love mixing my beads as a sculptor would blend textures. What is important to my work is making jewelry that makes a difference, is unique and is wearable.

It excites me to create for the women who wear my jewelry and I love to hear how often they are stopped and complimented on my pieces.”

DSC02121-copy-209x300                                                           Allegra Fun  – 17 in. necklace

Dale warns,  “Allegra Fun is not for the timid.  This wonderful necklace is alive with fun. Extra big beads and cheer. Never exactly the same. Always lush in colors.”  I add that this amazing necklace screams “summer fun – vacation – good times”.

Please take a look at some of Dale’s other creations:







 Dale has quite an array of necklaces already strung but also works with you, zeros in on your colors and style to create exactly what you want.    These brilliant Venetian glass beads are made by holding glass rods over a flame, then gently working the molten glass over the mandrels.  The beads Dale uses are not the trinket/souvenir/tourist stands’ beads.



Jolie and Mary - Julie's C and G 2014

                                                                                                       courtesy of Julie Thomas

with Jolie Gordon – wearing the necklace Dale created for me

I first saw Dale’s magnificent necklaces on Patricia, a dear Genius Loci guest and friend.  I contacted Dale about creating something unique for me.  I knew I wanted cream and black to go with black winter clothes.  I also sent her a few snapshots of me for her to see “my type”, coloring and size.  Dale took it from there, proposing various versions with alternative, interesting beads that she could insert…until we mutually agreed we had our necklace!  The extension she inserted provides me with perfect flexibility for whatever neckline I am wearing.  I chose express courier shipping – the perfectly and expertly packaged necklace arrived at my door in less than 24 hours…and, yes, Dale, I am stopped on the street with compliments when I wear it….

my favorite

This is the necklace we are working on at the moment – a summer necklace to wear with the lighter colors of the season.   With a few small changes here and there, I think we will be good to go.

Dale’s contact information

Dale’s studio in Italy is by appointment only.  Contact number while in Europe: 011-39-041-52-39784.   Please note that Italy time is 6 hours ahead of east coast of the USA. Phone & voicemail: +1-310-691-2871.   To reach Dale by email: ladyfromvenice@gmail.com



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