The Trevi Sagra del Sedano – Celery Festival

The annual Trevi Sagra del Sedano Nero is always great fun.  Years ago, with the celery alone not drawing large enough crowds, it was decided to add roast sausage to the Sagra…and sure enough…the crowds came.  From the outside parking areas the delicious aroma of the roasting sausages permeates the air and leads the crowds to the main square.

Umbria in the Fall - Food Festivals

a tempting sight on the square in Trevi 

Umbria Food Festivals

the famous “black celery” (sedano nero) of Trevi

hill towns in Umbria

picturesque Trevi – a beautiful Umbrian hill town

Trevi - Sedano Nero

the winner!

Trevi’s celery is not an ordinary celery. This charming hill town celebrates a dark variety which has been cultivated here for centuries, “black celery”.  It has recently been designated as an IGP product of Umbria (Indicazione Geografica Protetta), indicating that the product is guaranteed to have been grown exclusively in a designated and very restricted area).


 Adding celery to our diets assures getting the added benefit of many vitamins and nutrients: Vitamins K, C, B6, B1, A, B2  AND Potassium, Folate, Molybdenum, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Iron AND Dietary Fiber.

The Health Benefits Of Celery

The vitamin C of celery works with what are known as phthalides to help lower cholesterol.

In Italian cooking, along with a carrot and an onion, celery is part of “gli odori”.  It is the base of numerous dishes.  At the green grocer’s, free of charge, a carrot, celery stalk and small onion are always added to your bag – one of those long-lived cherished traditions.

Humble celery…and even more so –  black celery –  a delicious power house of vitamins and nutrients celebrated annually in Trevi at the October Celery Festival – La Sagra Del Sedano Nero!



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