How Many Times?

Umbria farmhouses

How many times can we look at something familiar, that we have seen again and again…and feel the same emotion, see the same beauty, be just as amazed as the first time we laid eyes on it?

umbria beauty

How many times can the same view out of the same window of our same house be such a thrill?

Genius Loci Luxury Inn - Umbria

How many times, rushing home after errands, can we simply not resist stopping on our driveway to admire and to photograph this November view of Genius Loci, almost as if we had just discovered it for the first time?

vineyards Umbria in the fall

…and how many times can we feel compelled to capture the same beauty in photographing the same view outside our front door

Umbria olive harvest

or look at the same olive trees and see them as the most beautiful tree in the world?


…or marvel at wild berries in a patch of weeds

vineyards in Umbria

or be overwhelmed by the same rich lapis lazuli blue skies


or be mesmerized anew by the same timeless landscape outside our kitchen window

herbs in Umbria

or deeply moved by the intricate harmony of a humble weed

fields of corn in umbria

or overwhelmed by the rich colors, striping and texture of weathered corn plant leaves

cypress trees umbria

or utterly delighted by the sight of a lonely row of stately cypress trees as they cast their long shadows in the early morning light?

 How many times?   As many times as we take the trouble to see the same things with “new eyes”!



Our Classic Doubles

The Classic Doubles are normally-sized, beautifully-appointed and furnished and feature lovely lateral views of the surrounding countryside.

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Our Deluxe Doubles

The Deluxe Doubles are extra-spacious, beautifully-appointed and furnished, suite-like rooms with magnificent, sweeping views and comfortable sitting areas.

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Our Apartment

This self-catering apartment is available with or without daily breakfast at the Inn and every-fourth-day housekeeping services.

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