Creative Energy – Part 3


The Making of A Portrait

art tours umbria

setting up the background

One of the most fascinating sessions/lessons of the Australian Art Workshop Tour at Genius Loci last September…was the Portrait Session…with Michael asked to be the model.  As the group circled all around, armed with their sketch pads and paints, the techniques and pointers of drawing portraits were explained and illustrated.  I found it mind-boggling to observe Trevor’s rapid, instinctive assessment and then his supremely confident sketching/outlining of the basic proportions of Michael’s head and face!

painting workshops in umbria

outlining the facial proportions – a fundamental phase

Drawing workshops umbria

developing the contours

drawing and painting in umbria


art workshops in Umbria

smudging and softening the all-important shading

learn to paint in umbria

art classes in Umbria

painting classes at Genius Loci Umbria

As Trevor worked he emphasized and illustrated the importance of light, observing its source and the consequential shading, necessary to provide depth.

Genius Loci Umbria - art classes

drawing and painting in umbria

umbria painting workshops

Generously and graciously Trevor presented / gifted his amazing portrait to an excited Michael.  He enjoyed the experience immensely and treasures the portrait.  How Trevor so “easily” captured and portrayed Michael’s features, typical expression…his very essence – seems like magic.  The Portrait Session was an amazing afternoon experience!

 To say goodbye, we gathered for a leisure Farewell Dinner of bruschette with a mix of tomatoes, garlic and basil from our very own vegetable garden followed by homemade cannelloni.  Maurizio’s Genius Loci Rosso di Montefalco DOC 2006 wine was enjoyed by all as a gorgeous full moon came to say hello…and goodbye –  during dinner!

art workshops Umbria


drawing workshops umbria

art classes in umbria

painting en plein air Umbria

Departure day came all too soon – the 12 days flew by as we got to know each other better each day.  Trevor plans on returning next year and we hope some of these friends will come back with him!  Until then, we have wonderful memories of the Creative Energy that permeated every nook and cranny of Genius Loci.

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