Super Splendid Summer Soups

Splendid Summer Soups in Umbria

Two Favorites for Those Long Hot Summer Days


fresh tomato soup

We are blessed in Umbria with a long growing season   But late June through late August is the season of abundance.  The bumper crops of delicious tomatoes and cucumbers seem perfectly timed for the long hot summer days.  Nothing is as satisfying for late dinners than a simple version of my tomato soup or the refreshing cucumber soup.

 Mary’s non-recipe (I call these “non-recipes” in that there is plenty of room for your own creativity.  These just give you the general idea.) for the tomato soup

Ingredients for 4

6-8 ripe, freshly picked tomatoes with their skins

2-4 garlic clovesa medium slice of a sweet red onion
a handfull of freshly picked herbs (maggiorana, thyme, parsely, basil, oregano, chives, savory)
a large spoonful or two of homemade herbed, toasted bread crumbs
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Except for the toasted bread crumbs, put all the ingredients into a food processor and “pulse” quickly, coarsely, not to a smooth pureè.

Serve chilled or at room temperature, sprinkling on top the toasted, herbed bread crumbs at the very moment you serve the soup. If desired, add a dollop of low fat Greek yogurt or of sour cream and a thin stream of extra virgin olive oil.  Enjoy!

cucumber soup

another summer favorite:  cucumber soup

Mary’s non-recipe for summer cucumber soup:

Ingredients for 4

8-10 freshly picked, peeled, slim seedless cucumbers (or seeded) cut into large chunks

2 medium fresh onions in medium chunks

fresh dill or dill seeds

extra virgin olive oil

4-6 ounces of low fat Greek yogurt

sea salt and pepper to taste


In a heavy-bottomed pan, in a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt and a tad of water, cook until just tender the cucumber chunks, the onion, and the dill.  “Pulse” in a food processor until smooth.  When cooled, stir in the Greek yogurt and a drizzle of the extra virgin olive oil.  Serve either lukewarm or chilled with freshly ground pepper.  Enjoy!



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