Fascinating Flowers in Umbria


There is a rarely a time I go anywhere without my camera in hand.  Even when I am in a hurry, I can hardly resist the temptation to capture a detail of something unusual or intriguing…often finding true poetry in what might be called the mundane.  When we are out together, Maurizio is drawn to vast landscapes while I am most often concentrated on some seemingly insignificant detail of a flower, branch, leaf, rock…or weed, on a particularly interesting contrast of texture, shape or color.

I don’t doubt that we are quite a sight at the side of a country road:  Maurizio with his instant-mounting tripod set up gazing toward the horizon and me, either bending over or looking up,  scrutinizing what must seem to those who happen by…either the ground or the sky!  Our different approach to photography carries over to much else:  my husband envisioned the overall Genius Loci restoration project  – I focused on the details.

I search for and attempt to capture what many don’t notice, finding a hidden world of magical forms,  amazing colors and exquisite geometric patterns.

The utter delight of fascinating flowers in Umbria!

unusual flower

the tiny jewel of a flower near Todi

spider-like stamens

the spider-like stamens on a climber near Bevagna

succulent berries

succulent, plump berries

fragile beauty

an amazing lace-like flower near Bevagna

pink flower

gorgeous weed

a prickly weed near Genius Loci

perfectly striped flower

a perfectly striped flower

ice plant

 in my garden against a colorful granite boulder

striking texture contrast

beautiful contrasts

water lilies



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