Readying Genius Loci for Summer!

There was fervid activity at Genius Loci getting ready for our busy summer-into-fall season.  As we recently prepared the grounds, we had to keep the faith that summer would indeed make its appearance.  After a mild, uneventful winter, we endured a very wet spring which seemed determined to hang on forever.  Just recently, however, the weather took an abrupt, sharp right turn into summer, bringing those dearly yearned for long, bright, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days and deliciously balmy evenings.   Guests are finding, as usual, that their best laid plans for area sightseeing go sadly awry as the mere thought of a day at the pool becomes irresistible.

Genius Loci Umbria - the pool

Seemingly overnight, the lush green countryside was dotted with golden hay. The wild poppies still give no inkling of wanting to “call it a day” after over six weeks of copious blooming.

Umbria hay fields Umbria poppies

Umbria countryside

Early mornings grace us with that introspective, rarefied light, casting a sense of timelessness over the valley as the mist and long shadows of dawn dissipate instantly under sun rises.

Bright colors, fruits and vegetables abound, vineyards are lush and olive tree branches are heavily laden with flowers, both boding well for our wines and liquid gold this fall.  Small tractors crawl the hills like ants –  tilling and ploughing.   So much year-round work goes into our Genius Loci wines and organic extra virgin olive oil!

Umbria summer fruit

Umbria summer fruit and vegetables 

Loading the car at the local nursery, unloading the flowers, preparing the soil, planting the seasonal flowers – an annual and reassuring ritual… as we hope Mother Nature will cooperate.

preparing Genius Loci for the summer

Genius Loci  Umbria - planting for summer

Genius Loci Umbria summer flowers

Genius Loci summer flowers

Genius Loci - the amazing view

The magic of the seasons, one giving way reluctantly or blending seamlessly into the next!  Mother Nature, lest we forget, is so often a ruthless dictator.  She “calls the shots”…she is in charge.

spring flowers at Genius Loci Umbria

 …and so it is – another season, the 7th, at Genius Loci.  A slow start has eased into a busy summer and fall.  The countryside and the inn are smiling and have donned their best as we gear up to warmly welcome an array of both returnees and first-time treasured guests from all over the world!  Genius Loci is ready to celebrate the Summer Solstice in a couple days…and hopes to celebrate a long, glorious  season with the guests.



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