Harvesting Our Traditional

Umbria olive harvest

Skirting the recent rainy days, we have been harvesting the rest of our olives this week for our Genius Loci Early Harvest Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.    We borrowed an expert team of five from our olive mill owner, a team which works with the latest and best equipment and with an array of continuous netting which makes the positioning quicker and better for collecting stray olives.  I loved watching their coordinated moves, experienced expertise and efficiency.  Maurizio had trouble keeping up with them with his runs back and forth to the mill to deliver the harvest for “la molitura” (pressing).

harvesting olives in Umbria

The mother and wife of other members of the team, a family from Macedonia who has lived in Umbria for over 10 years, spent her entire day on her knees separating the leaves from the olives as she gathered them from the nets.

olive harvest in Umbria

I have never seen such confident coordination in positioning the nets, always keeping ahead of the pickers so that there were never any lull periods.

olive oil making

The work at the mill was frenetic as one load after another came in to be weighed, labeled, washed and centrifuged .  Producers watch as their own crop is pressed.

olive oil making

pure extra virgin olive oil

the amazing final product goes by many names:    emerald elisir  – liquid gold  – juice of the Gods

pure, unadulterated, olive fruit juice:  Genius Loci Early Harvest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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