New Paintings by Barbara Fluty

FullSizeRender_2Barbara at one of her successful shows…

One of the best parts of hosting Artists’ Workshops at Genius Loci, aside from the palpable creative buzz and artistic excitement, is staying in touch with the artists and following their careers.  It is with immense pleasure that I post several new paintings of an artist I introduced here on my blog in the Meet the Artist series in August and September of 2017.


Barbara Fluty

PenultimateFullSizeRender“Genius Loci” – 20×16″

a lovely view of Genius Loci nestled among the olive trees and vineyards with such a nice use of chiaroscuro…

FullSizeRender-6“Pomegranates with Wine”  8×10″

a cheerful still life with such a pleasing use of contrast of texture:  porcelain, transparent glass, dark glass, linen, wood, fruit skins, water   –  and the understated – but very effective – “touch-like” brushstrokes of the reflections…

FullSizeRender-3“Checkered Yellow Mums”   8×10″  

I very much like the clever use of the geometric checkerboard base which contrasts so effectively with the flowers and with the marvelous hues in the background.  Joy in a Vase!!!!

FullSizeRender-5“Early Morning in Magical Umbria”   22×22″

Barbara asked me to title this painting.  It is such a common…(and reassuring scene) of tranquil beauty that surrounds me when I go out in the morning in Umbria.

FullSizeRender-8“The Fiery-Billed Aracaris of Costa Rica”   12×16″

FullSizeRender-7“Peaceful Spello Courtyard”   20×24″

FullSizeRender-12“Oil and Vinegar”   8×10″

FullSizeRender-9“Asian Pears”   12×12″

I love the use of the blues and reds AND the dark purple/black grapes.  This is a real favorite of mine!!!

FullSizeRender-14“Sunflowers of Umbria”   20×24″

FullSizeRender“Bevagna Beauty”   20×16″

I especially like the juxtaposition of vertical, horizontal, circular and square   –  and of various textures:  crumbling plaster, age-stained stone, water-stained terracotta, yellowed glass, weathered wood and darkened brass

FullSizeRender-4“The Flautist”  –  12×12″  

Barbara’s paintings evoke serenity. She finds amazing beauty in everyday settings,  in uncluttered composition and in such an intriguing use of stark contrasts of the boldest colors, textures and highlights: the transparency of the skins of the succulent grapes, the dullness of the brass figure, the non-descriptness of the amber glass pitcher in the heavy shadow, the richness of the cobalt blue and pureness of the milky white, the earthiness of the hues of brown, green and yellows (not to mention the wonderful touches of orange in both the background and the foreground!).  This is another of my favorites!!!…-barbara-fluty/

Barbara’s prices are fair and reasonable and she ships her paintings.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Barbara by email:



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