Nathan Pask – Professional Photographer

Genius Loci has the good fortune of attracting an array of amazingly talented people:  distinguished theatre directors, TV personalities, choreographers, dancers, writers, scholars, musicians and artists, and leading professionals in the medical and legal fields!  Outstanding amateur artists and/or professional painters, graphic designers and photographers.  I have proudly featured many on my blog.  Today I excitedly present our guest Nathan Pask, thanking him for his outstanding contributions to this post.  Based in London, he has established himself with his extraordinary photography in an extremely competitive field.  Please take a look at his art on his website (see above).

Genius Loci Cooking Class prepping:  shelling cranberry beans (a.k.a., borlotti beans) and picking leaves from the fresh basil plants

Genius Loci Sagrantino vineyardsthe view from Genius Loci                                                                                      photo  – courtesy of Nathan Pask

      Maurizio making deconstructed pesto in our 19th century mortar on our antique carpenter’s table     

making deconstructed pestomaking deconstructed pesto                                                                                    photo – courtesy of Nathan Pask

pesto making at Genius Loci                                                                     photo – courtesy of Nathan Pask

cooking class at Genius Loci Umbriaprepping  pasta e fagioli                                                                       photo – courtesy of Nathan Pask

Genius Loci cooking classes - pasta e fagioli making pasta e fagioli                                                 photo – courtesy of Nathan Pask

cooking class in Umbria at Genius Loci

prepping for our Genius Loci Cooking Class with Nathan and his dear family and with our Oregon guests,  C and J. 



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