Nancy Thomson – Artist


As pleasant and charming as she is talented, art lover and Northern California artist Nancy Thomson was a recent guest at Genius Loci.  In keeping with our inn’s tradition of attracting a disproportionate number of artists, she is a talented and inspired artist with a very personal style.   Even in our interesting casual conversations on myriad topics and in her various comments, Nancy demonstrated an artist’s eye for nuance, detail, the unusual, context and contrast.  Her personal way of seeing the very essence of things was apparent…as were her inquisitive mind and acute observations.

Nancy states, “I love painting and drawing figures from life. I believe a solid foundation in figure work makes all your artwork better — no matter what the subject”.



Boys at the Beach                         by Nancy Thomson

Please take a look at her website for more of her exceptional works:

Nancy Thomson en plein air painting

                                                                   En Plein Air                             by  Nancy Thomson

Nancy Thomson - artist

On the Beach                                  Nancy Thomson – artist

I am absolutely in love with the painting above:  it is the personification of Summer to me.  I love the spontaneous brush strokes, riotous colors, the confident stance, the thrown over-the-shoulder beach towel, the marvelous colors of the hat as it contrasts with the amazing shade of blue in the daring background color.  What a palette of colors – used so skillfully!  This painting is pure poetry!  It envelops me in a sense of pure joy!

From her realistic human figure drawings to her impressionist-like landscapes, Nancy’s compositional and media techniques are sure-footed, expressed with an acute awareness and sense of place.  With quick, barely defined… but sure brush strokes, she captures the essence of her subject…in its perfect stillness or in its dynamic movement.

While I would be hard-put to express a preference among her different subjects and styles (and am amazed at her stylistic and medium versatility) or for any one particular work, I am particularly drawn to her colorful paintings.  Nancy is my kind of artist – her works speak directly to my heart!  





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