Bittersweet – Selling our Home

Genius Loci is in its 6th successful season.  More and more it is the main focus of our lives as we welcome guests, tend to their neeeds and desires,  striving to make Genius Loci better each year!  Living almost 30 minutes away from Genius Loci has become a daily burden as we often come and go twice a day, spending two hours in the car!

The decision to move to a much smaller house on the property at Genius Loci was difficult and slow in coming.  Our house in the hills close to magnificent Spello and Assisi is dear to us:  it has been our heart and soul, the place where the children were born, the garden where they chased and caught butterflies, scraped their knees and laughed, played soccer, built a tree house, swung for hours from majestic oaks, the driveways where they learned to ride their bikes and helped water all the flowers.

It was the house which saw them grow from infants to toddlers, from teenagers to amazing adults, where their piano, flute and percussion playing filled me with joy, where after sports, music lessons and homework, listening to Mozart or Bach we sat close in beautiful silence, watching magnificent sunsets over the valley as we marveled at the vast views of the gorgeous and timeless Umbrian landscape.

entrance to our home in Umbria

The years have gone by way too fast.  The children are gone from the house. It is time to move on –  closer to the inn, to downsize, to simplify our lives in a smaller house.  Our hope is that the home we so dearly loved can bring someone else the immense joy it has brought us all these years, that its magic and serenity can be passed on to a new proud owner. A bittersweet ending to years of happiness…but also an exciting new beginning!

home in umbria



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