A Lazy Sunday of Simple Pleasures

On this lazy Sunday – a rare day of rest from running – I decided to replicate a couple dishes from a recent Genius Loci cooking class:  roasted, stuffed, local, directly-from-the-farmer bell peppers.  What a pleasure to be able to do some cooking in total relaxation – a mug of Nespresso coffee in hand, Bach to keep me company…along with the scent of fresh herbs from the garden and the cheer of the bright colors of fresh vegetables and herbs!

Umbria September bell peppers

soaking the bell peppers as I readied the ingredients and pre-heated the oven:  the herbs, coarsely-ground, homemade breadcrumbs and fresh tomatoes

Umbrian rabbit stew

the delicious rabbit stew – cooked in Sagrantino, fresh herbs, lemon peel, bay leaves and wild fennel

A workman who has helped us for years with our various building projects, brought us another of his home-raised rabbits yesterday.  What a delight to cook part of it into a simple stew.

Umbrian roasted bell peppers

the roasted bell peppers just out of the oven after only 30 minutes on high heat.  Stuffed simply with homemade, coarsely ground bread crumbs, finely chopped herbs (parsley, savory, basil, marjoran, oregano, thyme), garlic,a dash of grated 30-month aged parmesan, salt, pepper, juice and pulp of several tomatoes and our Genius Loci organic extra virgin olive oil

Umbrian September grapes

fresh local table grapes to finish a simple meal

A simple, delicious, few ingredients lunch, whipped up at leisure with enormous pleasure.  The guests of the recent cooking class were quite surprised to realize how things so delicious can be made so easily and quickly.  They were also pleasantly surprised by the mild taste of the home-raised rabbit.  Again, in Umbrian cooking, so so often, again and again…less is more, so very much more!



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