A Hesitant Spring

Umbria spring

In late February / early March nature in Umbria struggles to overcome its winter period.  The warm sun does its magic as it attempts to ignore cold nights and lingering snow on the mountains.   Tender and so fragile moss “blooms” shoot up on the cold stones; cheerful daffodils and regal iris dance blissfully in gardens everywhere!

spring in Umbria

Umbria almond tree

Almond trees are a rage of white or pale pink blossoms, as are the apricot trees in their bright hue of shocking pink.

Umbria wild violets

wild violets (and an occasional timid wild flower) blanket lawns amidst the browned fallen leaves

Genius Loci Umbria view

view from the living room of our new house at Genius Loci

 Umbrian fields of wheat in the valley, as viewed from Genius Loci, turn green, seemingly overnight – a striking contrast against the snow capped mountains.

Umbria spring

Viburnum bushes are ablaze of gorgeous and delicate flowers.

Umbria wild asparagus

mid-March wild asparagus – picked today in the woods at Genius Loci – are one of the most cherished symbols of spring

There will be more cold – there always is, but Nature will pay little attention and will forge full speed ahead.  More snow on the mountains will only make the countryside more beautiful!  Each year a hesitant spring begins early…undaunted by the late lashes of winter.



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