A Few of My Favorite Things – Part 2

statue against old door in Umbria

How I love the contrast of textures created by weathered marble, stone, terracotta and wood  – often discovered  in some insignificant and forgotten corner, unassumingly positioned near a humble entry, garage or tool shed.  How many centuries of history have these materials witnessed and survived? Finding this enchanting / magical combination of  so-called  low-key beauty is surely one of my favorite things.

Similarly, I am also thrilled to find stone work of different periods next to a non-descript column, a  rusted gate, or on a plain façade, works rich in iconography and symbolism…and again, witnesses to hundreds of years of history – still proudly and amazingly glorious in their fine workmanship.

Umbrian stone work

tenderness of expression – Venetian Lagoon – island of Murano

Umbrian stone work

year 900 – intriguingly mysterious  -Longbard  – Umbria

Umbrian stone work

 year 1000 – Venetian Lagoon – island of Murano

Whether Etruscan, Roman, Longbard, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque.. or from more modern periods, they have a magnetic appeal which absolutely fascinates me.  To merely happen upon them,  unexpectedly, to see these remarkable works in their original and humble contexts is an enormous thrill.

medieval stone work in Umbria

from the year 950  – Umbria (not far from Norcia)

medieval stonework Bevagna Umbria

from the 1100 – Bevagna

stone work in Italy


stone work in Umbria


The gorgeous contrast of textures created by weathered marble, stone, terracotta and wood  – most certainly a Few of My Favorite Things!



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