The Solarium – Soothing Summer Solace at Genius Loci

The  Solarium at Genius Loci offers summer solace and respite from even the hottest summer days:  the cool views of the gently rolling countryside, lush vineyards, weathered antique terracotta statues, hand-built stone and antique brick walls, blazing geranium and oleander blossoms, majestic groves of olive trees, geometric patterns of wheat, sunflowers and hay cultivations.

terracotta statues at Genius Loci Bevagna

the beautiful and poignant expression of this weathered antique terracotta statue

terracotta Deruta flower pots at Genius Loci Bevagna

 contrast of textures, colors and shapes

early evening shadows on the pool at Genius Loci Bevagna

the early evening light casts shadows on the pool and the valley

On these long summer days, along with the soothing solace of the inviting panoramic solarium, the crystal clear water of the pool works its magic.  Together, they instill the deepest sense of well being, profound calming, oneness of mind and body and offer vital nourishment of the soul – inviting us to slow down, to simply be, to stay in the moment.

late afternoon reflections on the pool at Genius Loci Bevagna Umbria

the late afternoon reflections induce pleasant personal reflections and introspection

delicate oleanders at Genius Loci Bevagna Umbria

and an awareness of the amazing beauty which surrounds us, like that of the oleanders which overwhelm and awe in their rustic simplicity against the stone walls

entrance to the Soothing Solarium at Genius Loci Bevagna Umbria

the Genius Loci Soothing Summer Solarium –  the magical world of Solace and Serenity on long summer days



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