Summer’s Bounty at Genius Loci


 Genius Loci – an Oasis of Summer Bounty in Umbria

oleander seed pod

artistically-shaped, delicate early summer oleander seed pods

At Genius Loci in magnificent Umbria, summer is a bountiful season – extremely generous in her bumper crops from May to November of beautiful and delicious fruit and vegetables and in the warmth and dryness of her summer breezes (exactly what the olive trees and vineyards need in order to give us the liquid gold and the full-bodied wines in the fall).  We planted on the Genius Loci property about 30 fruit trees, choosing carefully the types and placement to ensure fruit from late spring into late fall.  Umbria is generous with her long sunny days and balmy evenings, affording us plenty of time to enjoy the fun and sun of the pool and to take the first dips in the sun-warmed water in early June.

pool in early summer at Genius Loci

taking that first early June dip in the inviting pool at Genius Loci

ripe cherries

the first of endless baskets of plump, succulent, sweet cherries

zucchini flowers

early June zucchini flowers – ready to stuff and fry


ready to make the first batch of pesto from the fresh basil

the first peaches of the many peach trees


early June lavender blooms – so delicious and beautiful in salads

oleander seed pod

the gorgeous early summer oleander seed pods



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