Summer Delights at Genius Loci Umbria

strawberry prosecco

an inviting flute of iced strawberry juice prosecco against the beautiful backdrop of the Genius Loci Sagrantino vineyards and the broad Umbrian valley

These long summer days with their balmy evenings translate into endless delights at Genius Loci.  Guests begin their days lingering over breakfast and coffee on the panoramic porch, struggle between their sightseeing desires and the irresistible pool,  enjoy an afternoon chilled prosecco with seasonal fresh fruit juice

shrimp salad

or join a Genius Loci Cooking Class to make summer menu specialties –  like this fresh Adriatic shrimp salad.

the irresistible pool at Genius Loci Bevagna

the inviting pool at Genius Loci

making pesto at Genius Loci

the intoxicating aroma of  freshly made pesto

Learning to make pesto from just-picked basil, home-grown garlic, pine nuts, freshly ground 30-month-aged parmesan and our very own Genius Loci organic extra virgin olive oil is always another highlight of the summer Cooking Classes, as is cooking with freshly picked zucchini.

beauty of zucchini flower

the sensual beauty of the moist zucchini flower stamens

making caponata at Genius Loci

the caramelized vegetables of  the Genius Loci  version of caponata

Guests delight in making the delicious Genius Loci version of caponata – one of summer’s amazing culinary delights – a medley of harmoniously well-orchestrated colors, textures and tastes

making caponata at Genius Loci

of in-season and local bell peppers, eggplant, new onions, zucchini, mushrooms, new potatoes, celery heart, fennel, garlic and an array of  freshly picked herbs.

Bringing in the fresh scent and beauty of lavender and other twigs and branches of Genius Loci bushes along with Crimson Glory roses, Spanish broom and olive branches add to Summer Delights at Genius Loci Umbria.

lavender at Genius Loci Bevagna

Sipping a glass of Genius Loci wine in their favorite corner of the garden, guests enjoy the the multi-colored flowers in a variety of handmade Deruta terracotta pots set all around the grounds.  The kaleidoscopic colors enchant and delight the spirit and the eye as they stand out so brightly against the lush green and golden backdrop of the vineyard, the gently rolling hills and the small patchwork cultivations of wheat and sunflowers.  Summer delights at Genius Loci Umbria truly please the senses and soothe the soul!

summer flowers at Genius Loci

multi-hued flowers against the lush backdrop of the Genius Loci Sagrantino vineyards – endless and intoxicating summer delights at Genius Loci Umbria!



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