Moving to the Inn

Hello to all our treasured Genius Loci friends and faithful blog readers.   I won’t be able to write my blog for several weeks:  we are moving next week to the little house above that we built on the Genius Loci property (just behind and above the inn itself)!  Please do bear with me and check every so often to see if I am back (if I have survived the move!) with new blog entries.

 Genius Loci view of the majestic lone oak

Next week I will have the same view as our guests –  of our majestic lone oak – of what many of you call “Michael’s tree”

fall view from Genius Loci

For now, the view is of riotous reds and resting olive trees, both of which fought for their lives to overcome the cruel February cold and a serious long drought.  

summer at Genius Loci Inn Bevagna Umbria

Summer will creep up on us soon enough –  as it always does, bringing with it deep blue skies, gorgeous sun and warmth…and the inviting cool waters of the pool.  As I work to exhaustion during this move, these are the images that will sustain me – the views that will soon be mine…everyday!



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