Meet the Artist Series – Introducing Barbara Fluty

FullSizeRender_1Barbara Fluty

Barbara was a guest at Genius Loci recently as a participant in our Artist in Residence Kelli Folsom’s Oil Painting Workshop (please stay tuned to learn more about Kelli in this same Meet the Artist series!)

IMG_1107enjoying en plein air dining

IMG_4837 along with en plein air painting

 I had the pleasure of perusing her photographic gallery of paintings and was delighted that she graciously accepted to be featured in our Meet the Artist series.  A warm, elegant, soft spoken soul she added much to the very special Workshop Week.

 Barbara shared, “As a child my parents sparked my creativity with drawing and painting lessons whenever available. We were rewarded throughout my school years with many awards and a scholarship to Kansas City Art Academy. I attended Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University earning a fine arts degree in design”.



Barbara continued, “After graduating I spent many years designing and buying art for several retail furniture companies. Eventually I returned to my original passion of painting, bridging my experience from interior design to decorative painting. I had a successful career enhancing clients interiors with beautiful walls and furniture accents.



   Five years ago I had the opportunity to get “off the ladder” and concentrate on my favorite activity, painting on canvas. Since then I have studied with many wonderful artists including Judy McCombs, Laura Rob, Kelli Folsom, Greg Kreutz,  Rick McClure, and have been greatly influenced by the works of Richard  Schmid and David Laffel. I have shown in several galleries and many art shows. You can see my work on”





Barbara concludes, ” I love the experience and process of creating, and hope it will enhance others lives!”

Her beautiful still lifes of bold and penetrating colors, contrasting textures, uncluttered compositions,  excellent juxtaposition of materials…and her skillful use of chiaroscuro will, as she hopes,  most certainly enhance our visual experience!



Feel free to contact Barbara by email:



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