Creative Energy – Part 2

art at Genius Loci

Meet the pleasant, enthusiastic, fun, motivated and talented art students of professional artist, Trevor Newman, during Trevor’s Art Tour / Workshop at Genius Loci in September.  This group in the utmost sense of an Art Workshop, produced collectively an exciting atmosphere of creative energy at Genius Loci.  With each other they sketched, prepped, painted, struggled , failed and triumphed…discussed, commented, laughed, learned, encouraged, supported and shared.

Barry – Anne – Lesley – Anthea – Trevor -Ursula – (Michael) – Barb – Ute – (Elena) – Don – Evelynne – Colleen – (Mary)

…and please stop by again soon for Part 3 – The Portrait Session.

Art Workshop at Genius Loci

Art Workshop in Umbria

Art Workshop at Genius Loci

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Art Tours in Umbria

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