A Few of my Favorite Things – Part 1

Umbrian sunrises view from Genius Loci Bevagna

Over the centuries, artists and writers…and more recently travelers and photographers have been enthralled, often mesmerized by the rare quality of light in Italy!  As promised several months ago to my faithful blog-reading friends, and after much consideration, I have begun to list a few of my Favorite Things in Italy.   I begin with Umbrian sunrises as seen from Genius Loci and now from our new house on the Inn property.

Whether  in winter or summer, the sunrises over the gently rolling Umbrian landscape boast an absolutely magical light…rarefied, mysterious and intriguing –  casting breathtakingly beautiful salmon and ochre hues.

Umbrian sunrise view from Genius Loci Bevagna

The sunrise light changes kaleidoscopically as the sun peeks its head up behind the mountains, creating golden prisms and fragmented surfaces – shifting and changing relentlessly from one minute to another.  The ever-changing intensity of hues invites an overwhelming sense of the miracle that is each day…so much the same and yet so different – each day distinct, particular, original…unique!

Umbrian sunrise view from Genius Loci Bevagna

Almost instantly the sun dissipates any lingering valley mist, illuminates with its deep shadows that which will soon come into clear focus after the dark night – defining, clarifying, illustrating the marvels of the timeless Umbrian landscape – so unadulterated, pristine, characteristically traditional in its ancient cultivations of lush vineyards, proud olive groves, majestic oaks and fields and fields of golden wheat.

Umbrian sunrise view from Genius Loci Bevagna

 Soft sensual forms, riotous colors…and  outrageous light suddenly come alive, flooding every hill and vale.  This early morning light – rarefied, mysterious and intriguing is One of My Favorite Things!



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